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 Origin (2515)

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Seik Vokaris
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Seik Vokaris

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PostSubject: Origin (2515)   Sat Jun 21, 2008 6:23 pm

Name: Prototype Frame 'Origin'
Real Name: Seik Vokaris (from records)
Gender: Unknown, presumed male.
Age: Model under construction. Spirit presumed to be ancient.
Race: Cybernetic
Job: Military Weapon.
Weapon/s: Arm cannon(left arm), sword (right arm, folds out from elbow), Javelin's, Decoy's.
Armor: As a cybernetic, the entire outer surface is armour, made from a substance called metatron (discovered in the late twenty third century). The model of Origin is a copy of an 'orbital frame' (a combat vehicle used in history, though made illegal due to their devastating power.) known as 'Jehuty'. The wing-like addition on the back was designed for flight, though due to the size of origin's model, they can only allow hovering, gliding and improved jumping.
History: although Origin has not been completed yet, there is alot of data that has been recovered from a presumed dragon found on earth. Which has been used for Origin's AI.

Researchers found the specimen buried underground and used the DNA found in a small part of its brain to reconstruct it. We are hoping the end result of this development will be succesful, the qualities of a 'dragon' implemeted into an AI programme.

The funding for the project has been supplied from the alliance military, and thus the resulting product will be handed over to them once it is complete.
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Origin (2515)
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