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 Gwyn 2515

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Gwyn 2515
Alter Ego
Alter Ego

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PostSubject: Gwyn 2515   Sat Jun 21, 2008 5:56 pm

Name: Gwyn Blaidd

Species: Human/Wulfen

Gender: Male

Age: 911

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 13 stone

Class: Mercenary/Space Pirate

Description: With black scurfy hair, an un-mistakable rough face, he is instantly recognisable. Also a long scar stretches from right eye, to the right corner of his mouth, making him even more obvious. Usually wears a black shirt under a long black cloak and black trousers over some black boots. Seems black is his colour. Carries a customised pistol, with explosive round shot, at his waist.

Bio: Having lived in Dessel most of his life, as well as having met Kazine there, he fondly remembers his time there, and also keeps both his old pistol's and one of his mother's dagger with him. During the Battle For Dessel, as he calls it, he was caught across the face by an Asulet, leaving him with a scar stretching from just above his right eye to the corner of his mouth. Then in his 21st year on the earth, he was left with a devastating choice, after a freak incident evolving a rouge mage. Stay with Kazine for the rest of his life (which would be considerably longer) or die there and then. After choosing to live, he was frozen in time, at least his looks were. He now pilot's "Feather And Fur" with Kazine, using it for
both his bounty hunting work for the Alliance, and his pirate smuggling endeavours.

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Gwyn 2515
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