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 Nightmare (2515)

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Character Name: Krimson
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PostSubject: Nightmare (2515)   Sat Jun 21, 2008 3:08 pm


Name: Nightmare
Real name: Krimson
Sex: Male
Age: Looks 23
Race: Demon
Job: Mercenary
Weapon: Terror Ripper - A custom made sword only made for Nightmare to use. The sword resonates with Nightmares spiritual energy allowing him to move the saw like blades attached to the sword itself. The sheer size of the sword is proof enough that it is indeed heavy. However since it was created for him alone, he can wield it as if it was a claymore.

Armor: Nightmares armor, like his sword is also custom made. Using the latest alloy and some sacred forging skills only found in the deepest of the slums. Inscribed with ancient runes used to seal away his demonic powers to keep himself from being noticed to the outside world. The armor however does not leek his energy instead uses it to his advantage.

Disadvantage: The sword and the armor work as one, without one the other is useless.

Other Features: His ears are somewhat pointy indicating he is not human, though he is often mistaken for a vampire because of it.

Bio: Nightmare, formerly known as Krimson, and still called as such by certain friends now lives his life as a Mercenary. Finally letting go of his past he has moved on to create a new future for himself. The only past relic he still holds onto is the crystal his first love gave him.

Now working for the AMG (Alliance Mercenary Guild) he takes on any odd job from finding a person to killing them. Owning his own frigate class ship Finsternis, it's offense relies on Nightmares demonic power. Without Nightmare the ship is harmless.

( To be continued as I find out more of the roleplay to come. I hope this really happens, im liking this Krimson more ^^ )
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Nightmare (2515)
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