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 Gwyn ^^

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PostSubject: Gwyn ^^   Thu Jul 10, 2008 12:51 pm

Yeah I'm Russ, most people call me by my favourite RPing name Gwyn ^^ (just pwns Russ). Living in Northampton UK, former shoe capital of the world (well the UK any way). Live with my mum and dad and me fat lazy rabbit xD

Been here since the near start (bragging here)

Gwyn (Gwynfor Blaidd)
Haraiko Tanaka
GWYNN is not tollerated it's Gwyn or as Luccie says Gwynny xD
(but i'll accept that within reason)

Um.... Reach me on Msn or whatever you call it :Twig-21@hotmail.co.uk (don't ask xD)
And Chatango: GwynforBlaidd or HaraikoTanaka ^^

CBB to say all about my junk and crap, feeling too teenager-ie xD

BEWARE My sense of humour is dark, so don't take offence unless i acutally seem ticked off xD takes a while to get used to em ^^ Sorry in advance
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Gwyn ^^
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