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 Dirge Hartmor

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PostSubject: Dirge Hartmor   Tue Jul 01, 2008 3:20 pm

Name: Dirge Hartmor Age: 25 Race: Human Gender: Male Relationship: Married to Dymphna

Born: Mid Winter in Tiberoa Origin: Kingdom of Serdia....far from where Dessel

Job: As the last Dragoon also known as Dragon Knight, he considers it more or less his job to be to help those who need it, but travels as a mercanary who will only take job he agrees with, on his honor.

Personality: Has not, nor will not ever harm a woman, he also hates seeing a woman hurt, and will usually butt in if a woman is seen smacked or something, needed or not. For friends and loved ones, he will go out of his way to aid them, risking his own neck at times, loves to have fun, drink and tell jokes, but can be serious when needed.

Alignment: Good Status: Citizen

Weapons: One sword, 4 and a half foot, the blade is 3 and a half foot, handle 1 foot, blade width is 4 inches, unbreakable and never needing sharpened from whatever long lost alloy it is made from, hilt is Silver and black and blade has a dragon etched into it. The DragonBuster, a sword made by the Winglies to cut through Dragon scale and Dragoon Armor like a hot knife through butter, given to him by Lloyd A.K.A. Caim

Abilities: nothing special when out of Dragoon state except for his conection with his dragon Sol, a Seven-Winged dragon, scales pure silver and as hard as mithril, if not harder, once Dirges red dragon, when Dirge defeated the Divine Dragoon he gained the Divine Spirit and lost the Red, Sol changed as did Dirges power, the divine energy is pure energy, non-elemental, pure power

Attacks: (all sword moves can be used when in dragoon form, would usually knock opponent into the air for more injuries to opponent, unless he feels like staying on ground and just adding to the stength)

Normal- All normal sword techiniques for single opponent (more in depth when i can remember how the swings are aimed, upwards and such)

Double Slash-swings twice *once downwards and once upwards*

Volcano-swings four times *once down, across from left, spin then down, and up*

Burning Rush- swings three times *down, kick forward, slash upwards*

Crush Dance-swings five times *down, across from left, across from right, thrust forward, jump and slash upwards*

Madness Hero-swings six times rapidly *down, up, down, across from right, across from left while going up, down*

Moon Strike-swings seven times *down, across from left, down, across from left, two forward thrusts and a downward stab*

Blazing Dynamo-swings eight times *down, up and across left, up across right, down, across from right, upwards slash, spin kick, jump up and slash down as landing*

Dragoon Form-

Divine Dragon Blast: On Dirges arm when in Dragoon, from his wrist to elbow, a pulsating cylindrical tube absorbs and charges energy and unleashes it and fires a volley of energy upon his enemies, up to 50 maximum can be targeted

Divine Dragon Cannon: Same cylinder on dirges left arm, Dirge charges energy till its ready to burst and he unleashes it in a straight, and rapid blast towards his oppenent, tearing the ground up if hes on the ground as it heads to his enemy, one target can only be aimed at per attack

Pets: Silver 7-winged drake named Malfurion and his Divine Dragon Sol, though he considers them family...his drake malfurion, 9yrs old, can fly, breath small bursts of energy and understand common language, his dragon Sol, age is unknown, can speak and understand any language, blast massive amounts of energy from mouth, fly and heal.

Armor: Silver and Black and made of the same alloy his sword is.

Appearance: Dark Red hair, Silver eyes, usually in black travelling clothes.


My great-great-great grandfather Dart Feld was the second red dragoon, he and his friends stopped the planet from being destroyed by Melbu Frahma over 150 years ago, he went back to find the red dragon spirit, and passed the divine and black to someone else they would glow for, wanting to keep his father legacy his family legacy, after 150 years, an unknown force ressurrected the ancient Imperial Glorianno and waged war on Serdia, now always protected by the 8 dragoons, they ressurected they only Virage that survived, or perhaps not the only, and used it against them, somehow, with it and their army, they beat back and captured all the dragoons but one, me, my father handed me the gem and bade me leave till i was stronger, then to return and free the others, i did as told and have made a new home in Dessel, but I still plan on going back and helping the others, I know all Darts fighting skills perfectly, and all his Dragoon skills.

Born in Tiberao, a province of Serdia, his father a knight and swordmaster, he learned everything his father knew by the age of 16, on his 17th birthday, the Kingdom of Serdia fell to Imperial Gloriano, who has control of the other seven Dragoons, his father handed him a red stone, telling him to run and find a new home, right before he died, doing as ordered he left, the stone glowed brightly and embedded itself in his chest, now part of him, in one year he figured out what he had become and learned everything he could do. Travelling for the last four years since his home was lost to him, he has now found himself in Dessel.....his story continues.....

After returning home, he spent four years freeing the other dragoons, they attack the IMperial army, defeating the Divine Dragoon and the ancient Wingly Melbu Frahma hopefully for good, during the battle, Dirge loses his Red Dragon Spirit and gains the Divine Dragon Spirit, after the battle he leaves his old home in the now good hands of the other 7 dragons and goes back to his wife

the other dragoons: Blue-water Yellow-Earth Green-Air White-Light
Black-Darkness/Shadow Purple-Lightning Red-Fire

Chatango for Dessel is....DirgeHartmor (Xion Star...Furion the Death Knight and Wolfe Beil are also chars i control)
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Dirge Hartmor
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