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 Dymphna Hartmor

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Character sheet
Character Name: Dymphna della Rena Hartmor
Job Class: Lawmaker
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PostSubject: Dymphna Hartmor   Wed Jun 25, 2008 8:41 pm

Name:: Dymphna della Rena Hartmor of Dessel, from Tolkdossa
sex:: Female
age:: 21
origin:: the Kingdom of Tolkdossa
Job: Resigned as First High Sherriff, currently too worried about finding her missing husband to care about a job
Married to: Dirge Hartmor of Serdia
Citizenship Status: Citizen
Weapons, Powers, Combat Skills: Longbow and Arrows, Long Dagger, Invisibility Armour; large knowledge of other weapons and how to use them, but these three are my preferences. Primarily Sword-wielder and invisibility armour-weaver, but skilled in all kinds of battle and weapons, like all Tolkdossan noble-borne. While a gentlewoman (and anyway slightly blunt and quite free-spirited), she has the ability to be strong-handed if needed, yet always just in those cases, and her travels has caused her to see things and to learn.
Skills: ability to speak 200 languages and to hunt.
Links:: Kingdoms of Dessel and Tolkdossa-- and the whole span of the Future....
NPC's currently Played: N/a

Previously High Sheriff of the Realm of Dessel, now merely a Citizen. Permanent home, & strongest affections and loyalties goes to the Realm of Dessel, but she retains a small apartment near the the Tolkdossan Court and strong, affectionate, but nonpolitical, ties to the Kingdom of Tolkdossa. The twin sister of the Lady Marjean Therese, she had resided within the walls of the Estate of Captain Richard the Strong also. Like her twin, she was forced to run away when Vampires attacked her sister's Estate, but because she was not title-holder to the still-occupied Estate, she was able to hide invisibly and reappear some time later. The Tolkdossan Monarchy, unable to do something for the Countess, whose whereabouts they knew not of (and Dymphna did not know either), offered Dymphna a small apartment near the Court as an apology to Lady Dymphna, who accepted it.

More free-spirited than her sister, after this Vampire-attack, she had a strange appetite to see the world and the Future, and she discovered Time-Traveling as a hobby when a friend invited her to visit the 19th century through a portal he discovered. When she petitioned to leave the Kingdom of Tolkdossa, she was granted Friend Status in the Kingdom of Tolkdossa, released from political loyalties and allowed to retain the apartment property as token of that friendship.

Upon discovering the Realm of Dessel (which surprisingly Tolkdossa was not far from, though 300 years ahead), she decided to stay in the Realm of Dessel permanently, whilst retaining her Tolkdossan home and visiting frequently there. While a gentlewoman, she has the ability to be strong-handed if needed, yet always just and fair in those cases.

In Dessel, she retains two homes: one in the Mountains on the North of Dessel, where she lives with Dirge, Sol, Malfurion, and her horse; and another- which unbeknowst is in charred, and rotting ruin in the eastern Forests of Dessel, her maiden home, a Tree House on the East of Dessel.

Four years ago, under mysterious hastened circumstances, she returned her High Sherriff's badge and flew with Sol to find her husband, who has disappeared that week. And since then, no traces of herself or family were seen. Only a few letters to the Lady Aeonna and to the Vampire Dante have appeared in her handwriting after a year....and then after three years, a note again to Lady Aeonna. But, all were equally mysterious.....

Hobbies (While not on the Job): Time-traveling to the Future.
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Dymphna Hartmor
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