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Character sheet
Character Name: Kief Stahlin
Job Class: Mage
Played by: Ben

PostSubject: AngryChefMan   Wed Jul 09, 2008 7:10 pm

Heya all! im just a member as you may know. I live in North Yorkshire, England, the UK (you may have guessed that =P). I live with my family, 2 brothers and a sister. Currently going through school and college and all that jazz. Oh, and i really enjoy playing video games ^^. I also have a cat called Jess who is the laziest awesomest cat evar. in the world...ever.

Aliases and stuff like that:
Seik Vokaris
Kief Stahlin
Isel Sajari
Ben (you have been granted access to hidden knowledge that is my real name =P)

Where to hunt me down: Imvu (when im ever online) and Hotmail

Fav Book/s: Ripleys belive it or not! 2008, The Wizardology Handbook, The Dragonology Handbook.

Fav Movie/s: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Triple X, all the star wars films, Final Fatasy Advent Children.

Consoles Owned: PC, Wii, PS2, gameboy advance.

Favourite Sport/s: Fencing, Archery, Rollerblading, Luging, sleeping.

Pas-times: Gaming, uh...., Thinking, Roleplaying (obviously!).

(more te be added soon enuf [irish accent intended])
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