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 The Blacksmith

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Seik Vokaris
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New Comer
Seik Vokaris

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PostSubject: The Blacksmith   Fri Jun 06, 2008 5:16 pm

The blacksmith is a small building on the western side of town, south-west of the marketplace. It is owned by Seik Vokaris, Blacksmith and Runecrafter.

You enter the building through a single door in the left corner of the building facing the path. Infront of the door is a main counter where the smith will take your 'order'. To the right of the door, just next to it is a small bench. Beyond that is a selection of swords, armour, jewelry and parchment containing runes. The forge is at the far left corner of the room. The anvil in the centre, near the back wall. The far right corner is a seperate room where Seik eats/sleeps. In the wall facing the front wall is a workbench where runes are crafted and weapons/armour and jewelry have detail added to them. There is a wooden table back against the left wall. not far from where the forge is. Several windows dot the room. and there is usually plenty of light within the room.


Here is the list of items available for forging and their current prices. you must meet the minimum requirements for an item, however parts may be bought seperately for personal use.

Copper: 40g
Bronze: 80g
Iron: 150g
Steel: 200g
Silver: 250g
Mithril: 300g
Gold: 400g
Adamant: 500g
Truesilver: 700g
Thorium: 1000g

Opal: 30g
Topaz: 50g
Saphire: 100g
Jade: 120g
Emerald: 150g
Diamond: 300g

Small: 30g
Medum: 60g
Large: 100g

Rounded: 10g
Cut: 30g
Finely Cut: 50g
Pristine: 100g
Flawless: 200g

Protection: 50g
Endurance: 50g
Deflection: 70g
Dampen Magic: 70g
Agility: 70g
Life: 100g
Strength: 100g
Amplify Magic: 120g
Striking: 120g
Fire: 120g
Ice: 120g
Lightning: 120g
Light: 120g

Simple: 20g
Advanced: 40g
Complex: 60g
Intricate: 100g

100 grams: 20g
200 grams: 40g
300 grams: 60g
(you see the pattern?)


http://www.albion-swords.com/ for preset swords, metal optional.

Requires: Bar, Blade, Hilt, Handle
Optional: Gemstones, Runes, Etching

Dagger: 50g
Shortsword: 100g
Sword: 125g
Longsword: 150g
2h sword: 200g
Axe sm: 40g
Axe md: 80g
Axe lg: 150g

Simple: 10g
Detailed: 30g
Specialized: 60g

Small: 20g
Medium: 40g
Large: 60g
Gun: 200g


Requires: Bar, Round
Optional: Runes, Etching
50 bullets per 1 bar
Standard: Bar price+0g
Solid: Bar price +20g
Reinforced: Bar price +40g
Piercing: Bar price+ 60g
Shattering: Bar price+ 80g
Explosive: Bar price + 100g
Two types of bullet may be combined together, in this case, add the +g's and +20g per type.

All arrow shafts are bought from exterior sources. and are made of simple oak wood.

Required: Bar, Head/Bolt
Optional: Runes
20 heads/bolts per 1 bar
Standard: Bar Price +5g
Solid: Bar Price +25g
Reinforced: Bar Price +45g
Piercing: Bar Price+ 65g
Scattering: Bar Price+ 85g
Shattering: Bar Price+ 105g

Special requests:
priced according to complexity, discounts for plans/instructions.


Requires: Bar, Type (Detail/weight)
Optional: Helmet, Shoulders, Chest, Arms, Waist, Legs, Boots, Gemstones, Runes, Etching

Simple: 20g
Detailed: 50g
Specialized: 100g

Light: 30g
Heavy: 50g

Simple: 30g
Detailed: 60g
Specialized: 120g

Light: 20g
Heavy: 50g

Simple: 50g
Detailed: 100g
Specialized: 200g

Light: 50g
Heavy: 80g

Simple: 20g
Detailed: 50g
Specialized: 100g

Light: 30g
Heavy: 50g

Simple: 30g
Detailed: 60g
Specialized: 120g

Light: 20g
Heavy: 40g

Simple: 40g
Detailed: 80g
Specialized: 140g

Light: 30g
Heavy: 60g

Simple: 20g
Detailed: 50g
Specialized: 100g

Light: 20g
Heavy: 40g

Note: for specialized equipment, please give a description of the specific armour type if you can.


Requires: Bar, Design
Optional: Gemstones, Runes

Simple: 150g
Detailed: 300g
Intricate: 500g

Simple: 60g
Detailed: 150g
Intricate: 300g

Simple: 200g
Detailed: 350g
Intricate: 700g
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The Blacksmith
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