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 The Great Ring Mystery

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Roi A. S. D'aubigne
Alter Ego
Alter Ego
Roi A. S. D'aubigne

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PostSubject: The Great Ring Mystery   Wed Jul 02, 2008 2:50 am

This is a collection of posts taken from chatango, written by me, but edited by Ron (saintandmurderer) Please to be enjoying.

Dramatis Personae:

*A flash of red hair became briefly visible in the darkness as another hooded figure made her way through the door. Amber colored eyes scanned the pub as she looked about for someone- and it wasnt long before she found her.*
*Queen grimaced at the conversations, but her attentions were immediately shifted away from the two when the hooded figure began to mewl quietly, trembling and making a horrid noise.*
*Queen looked a bit bewildered as she looked the shivering figure up and down.* Um..ma'am.. are you okay?
*The figure threw her hood back, and Queen made an insidious retching sound. Lucy sat before her, her pretty face in a long slope, almost as if it was melting off her face. Her eyes lost their luster, and now were the color of stale urine. Most of her luscious red hair had fallen out, and the rest threatened to follow suit. Queen quickly jumped forward, tackling the woman and blinking her out before anyone else could notice her.*
*They reappeared outside within the walls of the boutique, Queen's eyes wide with panic. She had seen her mother's Griever form once before. She remembered it well: it was characterized by a hysterical state of sorrow, a beastly transformation, and a loss of higher brain function. From what she could tell, she was only two for three, and she had to fix the problem before the third set in*
Mom...mom...listen to me. Its me, Roi. Calm down...
*The bawling creature continued to howl, but it seemed to calm a little at the mention of the word "Roi". It sniffled a little and looked up at her.*
Mom? If you can understand me...I need you to tell me what is wrong.
*As her breathing calmed, she belched a few words.* Lost...
Lost...ring...I lost...ring...
*Roi's eyes widened.* You lost...the ring? Your wedding ring!?
*Queen slapped her hard, which seemed to do the trick in turning her back to normal. Lucy rubbed her face, then sat up straight* R-Roi...you fixed me...but our problem is still not s-solved...*She wiped a tear away, but got to her feet.* Yes, I lost it. And if Daemon finds out, the wedding will surely be off and he shall hate me forever...
*Queen just rolled her eyes.* Mom. You know that is entirely untrue.
*Lucy began to sob, and her body began to change back. Queen knew at that point that reasoning with her was officially out of the question.* Okay! Okay! Okay...we'll find it!
Just...please, mom, get a hold of yourself...
Do you remember where you last left it?
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Roi A. S. D'aubigne
Alter Ego
Alter Ego
Roi A. S. D'aubigne

Number of posts : 20
Registration date : 2008-06-16

Character sheet
Character Name: Roi
Job Class: Seamstress
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PostSubject: Re: The Great Ring Mystery   Wed Jul 02, 2008 2:53 am

*Lucy shook her head.*
*Queen put a hand to her face to hide the exasperation. Her mother was a pathetic woman sometimes.* Okay, how about this: do you remember when you KNOW you last had it?
Well...*Sniff* ...I remember I was making some Devil's food cake in the kitchen, and it began to sing...it was a song by a man with a strong voice...he seemed to be singing about my father...or something, and I remember getting so mad that I had to take it off.
*She continued to tell the weepy tale, some of the memories coming back to her.* I couldn't help it! The song made it sound like my father was asking for sympathy for the sins he helped spread! *She stamped her foot, but then calmed herself.*
I didn't realize that the ring was gone until the next day -- today. I looked all over the kitchen, the house...I even ran the distance between here and the manse four times! Nothing!
Well...so...you've backtracked your steps, mama? *Queen paced about, thinking up a plan.*
*Lucy nodded.* Many, many times, yes. As you have already seen, I am at my wits end! I cannot let Daemon know this happened! Please, Queen...you have to help me with this.
Okay, Mama...
I think I have an idea.
You said you retraced your steps, correct?
*Lucy nodded again.* Yes, Roi. I told you this already. Why must I repeat it? *She said, becoming impatient.*
Well...have you retraced your retraced steps?
*Queen grinned mischieviously, leaving Lucy utterly baffled.* What is that supposed to-*Queen grabbed her mother's hand, and a flash of bright light illuminated the whole city before going dark. The building was empty.*
*Then, another flash, and they stood outside of a small two-story house nestled at the edge of town. Lucy walked up to it, standing quietly.* This...this is my house, Queen.
*Queen nodded.* Mhmm. Your house...about...*She looked at a pocketwatch she pulled from the cup of her corset.* ...23 hours ago. We have gone back in time to the place you last knew you had it.
*Lucy turned.* You...took me back in time? Wow.,.it is not as interesting as I thought....but why are we here?
*Queen smiled.* We are here to observe. The you of the past 23 hours should be in there somewhere, cooking something...You said it was Devil's food, right? *Lucy nodded.* Well...we are going to watch and see if we can find your ring here, so we can know where it will be in the future. If we get it now, it will alter the timespace continuum, and bad things will happen. Do you understand?
*Lucy nodded* Yes, Roi. I understand.
*Queen gazed into the window.* Good. I'll keep watch. *She planted her face against the window, looking in. Lucy tried to do the same, but is swatted away by her daughter.* You are not allowed! Bad things happen when two of the same being from different parts of a timeline make eye contact or touch. And no, I don't know why I am an exception to the rule. I just know what I'm doing. Now don't worry about your ring. I'll find it.
*Queen watched the window like a hawk whilst Lucy sulked against a nearby barrel. Queen doesn't even tell her that 23-hours earlier Lucy is not even in the room...and wouldn't be for a while.*
*However, the silence was broken six hours later, when Queen let out a loud yelp. Inside, Lucy walked into the room wearing a simple blue dress and white apron-the beautiful ring still sparkled on her left hand. Queen had done it right-the ring was not yet lost.*
*However, then a change occurred: The ring began to spontaneously play a song that Lucy had not heard before. Queen on the other hand, had heard it thousands of times. It was none other than "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones! She watched with a bit of remorse as her mother became infuriated by the song. How could anyone not like the Stones?! Perhaps it was a bit of a touchy subject, though, considering the title...but she was quick to snap back to her priority as Past-Lucy took her ring off and slammed it down and stormed out of the room.*
*What happened next was a rather bizzare series of mishaps. The ring's heavy plant into a silver cooking dish had set it teetering precariously over the edge of the counter. The ring itself slid down the incline of the off-balance dish, but falling off before the dish could go over. It went on to fall onto a small mouse's head, who looked about confused for a bit with the shiny trinket upon his head, before returning to his own business.*
*However, this mouse with gleaming crown caught the eye of Crackers, Roi's beloved Jack Russell Terrier puppy. It took only a few seconds for Crackers to forget what he was doing, and give chase. The mouse was quick to evade, however, ducking and weaving through the chairs and tablelegs, and ultimately making his escape by scaling the cupboards. Crackers barked in his obnoxious way at the rodent. The mouse jumped back in fear, knocking the ring off his head-and right into the batter. Before Queen could do anything, however, Lucy walked into the room, scolded the puppy and put the batter into the oven to cook.*
*Queen watched, horrified as the fires in the little stone oven licked around the bowl, wondering what could become of the ring within the rising batter. She couldnt dare tell her mother...but maybe there was a way to recover it before the cake could be eaten...*
*And so Queen waited patiently. It was only forty minutes, but the nature of the events made it seem like the longest forty minutes of her extremely long life. When Past-Lucy finally returned to the room, Queen let out a sigh of relief. If her calculations were correct, she would simply collect the ring while she let the cake cool, then move back about an hour, so the same event would pass without issue, then return to her time with the ring and a pleased mother. If all this went her way, the crisis would be averted, and time would not be altered. Easy pickings...*
*And then, it all took a turn for the worse as little Roi walked into the kitchen, clutching MolDoll close. With a greedy look in her silvery eyes, it didnt take long for Queen to figure out what Roi was going to do.*
*Not knowing any better, Lucy sweetly sliced a piece of the hot, moist cake and served it up to her daughter, warning her she could not have any more until after dinner. Queen knew it didn't matter, though, because her worst fears were realized as the memories came flooding back.*
*And then, after she ate the slice, little Roi spoke "Mama..my tummy hurts.." And Queen just flushed.*
*Past-Lucy swept up her little girl. "Oh, Roi...perhaps that piece was too hot...here, let's have you lie down. Dae isn't coming home tonight, so we will fix dinner after you are well...then you can have all the nice, cool cake you like. Does that sound good? *Roi quietly nodded.*
*Queen slumped against the wall, sighing hard. Lucy choose this inopportune moment to rise from her slumber.* Well, Queen, dear, did you find anything out? Oh! I see that look in your eyes. You DID find it! Where is it then, hm?
Um...well...if I tell you, you have to promise not to freak out...and I mean it. No turning into a devil or a greaver or whatever...ok? *Lucy nodded, a bit confused by her daughter.*
I...I think I can do that...how bad can it be?
Well...*Queen leads her mother around to the other side of the house, so that they peek in on Lucy, who sits at Roi's bedside. Lucy looked indignant* Yes, I know, Queen. It was a stomacheache. I thought she was going to die until she used the restroom an hour later...what does that have to do with anything?
Mama...I dont know how to tell you this....but...when..I, er Roi...had that tummy ache...
I think it was because the ring was in my piece of cake.
Wh..WHAT DO YOU MEAN IN YOUR PIECE OF CAKE!? *Lucy bellowed. Before she could protest any further, Queen tackled her and the two pressed one another flat against the ground so that Past-Lucy would not see them when she walked to the window to investigate. After Queen knew she had gone, she let her irritated mother up.* Are you suggesting that my little girl ATE my ring?!
*Queen looked at her mother sheepishly.* Well...not on purpose, but yes.
*Lucy put her hands on her hips, leaning in to intensify the stare she gave Queen.* And how do you propose we get it back?
Well...what goes up...*she winced* ...must come down.
*Lucy gasped, a hand rushing to cover her mouth.* You...you are joking.
Well...what's it made of, mom?
You know damn well what…feces…are made of, Roi!
Mooom! I mean the ring!
*Lucy softened, embarrassed* Oh..
*Lucy quivered as she described it, getting almost a bit teary eyed as she got to the part about its one-of-a-kind ability to play music. Queen smiled and patted her mother's back in trying to comfort her.* There, there, mom...if it makes you any better, I'm sorry...and besides maybe we can use that music playing thing it has to our advantage! if you make it play a song when the time comes, it'll make finding it a piece of cake!
Qell...a piece of something, anyway.
*She stifled a laugh, for her mother's sake.*
*Lucy only gave her pink haired daughter the dirtiest look a mother can give their child.*
*Queen continued to watch little Roi be doted upon by her mother, feeling a bit nostalgic, and sighing quietly. Her mother was so sweet when she was a child...if only she could go back to actually being a little girl...not just back to the time she was...however her dreams ground to a halt as Little Roi sat up straight and grabbed her gut, beginning to sweat.* Mama...my tummy huuuurts...an' I have to goooo….
*The worried Past-Lucy whisked her little girl up, and then dashed to the privy. Queen and Lucy sidled around the house to where they went to, and peeked around the corner to see the worried mother wait as Roi silently fought against that evil force within. About ten minutes later, a very relieved looking Roi returned from the abyss, and took her mother's hand.* I feel better now, mama. *Past-Lucy smiled, and walked her inside.*
*Queen turned to her mother as she opened the privy door.* Okay, mom...I want you to think of a song...do whatever song you want, it just needs to be loud enough for me to hear. I don't want to have to dig through shit all night. Can you do this?
*Lucy nodded and closed her eyes. Queen kept the door open and grimaced with every inch she moved closer to the hole in the bench. Almost immediately she was assaulted by the stench that awaited at the bottom of every privy, outhouse, or sewage plant-the stench of waste and decay. She grabbed her button nose, and slowly turned her head to the right, her ear facing the mess below.*
Okay mom...if you got ANYTHING at all for that ring...now is the time to hear it!
Like NOW.
*And Lucy concentrated hard. She had no song in particular in mind, but she had to play something-anything, to ease her daughter's suffering as she suffered throught all this stinky sorrow...and soon...she heard it. It was small at first...but the tune got louder and louder. It sounded like a soulful song, something almost gospel in tone. At the same time, it was laced with a blues overtone, and was obviously a song in a minor key.*
Mom! I hear it! *She reached her leathered hand into the stinky muck, fishing about for the source of her sound, until her hand squeezed around something hard and pointy. She pulled it up, and the song came with it.* Mom! I got it!
*As Queen walked out with a hand full of poo, she heard the sound of Past-Lucy's steps approaching fast. She dove forth, throwing her rancid hand around her mother, holding tight to the smelly prize, and jumping forward to whence they began-18 hours later.*
*Lucy slowly opened her eyes, only now registering what happened after the shock of the event. She sniffed the air, taking a repulsed step back* Ugh! I hope for both our sakes you found it. You did, right?
*Queen extended her revolting hand, still holding a clump of the steaming excrement. She gave it a little squeeze as some of it dropped to the ground, but when she opened her hand, the tiny glitter that shone through the poop was unmistakeable. There, after all that effort, the ring stood unscathed. Was it stained? Yes, but nothing a good wash could fix. Did it smell? Absolutely, and probably would for a while, considering it passed through a juvenile demon's digestive system. But was it damaged? Thankfully, it was not. And with that in mind, Lucy snatched up the ring and cuddled it close to her face, happy to be reunited with the beautiful symbol of marriage, even as Queen laughed at the brown marks she made on her face.*
Well, Mama..I think we are all set. Do you feel better?
*Lucy nodded.* Queen...*She dashed forward and threw her arms around her daughter, pressing her poo-stained cheek to Queen's own.* You have grown into such a fine and beautiful woman...but what impresses me the most...is how much your heart has grown...how can this mother ever repay the wonderful girl she is proud to call her firstborn child?
*Queen smiled, and put her hands on her mother's shoulders, her left hand dirtying the sleeve of her dress.* Never...ever...EVER...lose it again.
*Lucy does not reply. She just gave her daughter another squeeze, then a kiss on the cheek, before scampering of to wash her prize. Queen turned back towards the boutique and reached for a cigarette, making sure to use her clean hand to handle the thing. As she lit it, she said to herself:* Cause I never want to have to poo a diamond ring, ever again.
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PostSubject: Re: The Great Ring Mystery   Wed Jul 02, 2008 7:59 am

My eyes are bleeding! You need to space it up some.
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PostSubject: Re: The Great Ring Mystery   

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The Great Ring Mystery
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