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 Wolfe Beil

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PostSubject: Wolfe Beil   Tue Jul 01, 2008 4:04 pm

Character Name: First name: Wolfe Last: Beil
ChatanGo SN: WolfeBeil
Rank: Duke
Title/Job: Sub-Commander, Lord of Knights of Westshire
Age: 25
Weight: 200lbs
Build: Athetic/Muscular
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Silver/White
Eye Color: Red
Skin Tone: Pale White
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Weapons: Soulbound Runesword known as Sorrow which will come when called by name to him.
Skills: Can speak and understand any language due to his connection with his sword, control fire, and because of what he is, can, if needed, heal instantly off of any blood and dissappear ar will.
Current NPC's played: none
History: His mother was an Elf turned Vampire and father Human turned Demon. He left the place of his birth after his father and mother had been killed for attacking a nobles house, hating what he was and wanting to evade persecution for what he was, having complete control of his bloodlust and other unwanted abilities. Travelling from age 10 to 20, he came to Valoris Cantare at the age of 21, and in four short years he has become Duke of Westshire. Will help anyone that he sees in danger, especially friends or those he cares for, is always ready to fight alongside his knights, or alone if he prefers it that way.

When he loses control and goes bloodlust, or more easily put, his demon and vampire blood take control his appearance changes

Hair: Black
Eyes: Still red but black around the color insted of white
Skintone:Black and red in spots
Also gains small black wings, always has his fangs
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Wolfe Beil
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