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 Xion Star

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Xion Star

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PostSubject: Xion Star   Tue Jul 01, 2008 3:40 pm

Name: Xion Star
Age: 22
Eyes: green
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 175lbs
Body type: Athletic
Weapon:Mithril sword with handgaurd, spikes on the handguard, light mithril armor on parts of his body, red and black colored clothing with armor...a gift from..someone hed rather forget
Abilities: Natural Element Bending (can bend the elements of nature to his will, fire/wind/water/earth/shadow/light) Animal Speak (can speak the language of any animal he comes on contact with...not perfectly yet, but enough to be understood) Blessing of Nature (healing spell, he can use this one as many times as he wants with barely any strain on him, depending on the wound depends how many times he has to cast it) Natures Gift (fully heals any wound on a person, inflicting the same wound only half as back to Xion...usually able to heal himself afterwards with his Blessing before feeling the strain on his magical energies) Meditation of Natures Order (regains his magical energies two ways, when in actual meditation, he regains it fast, or while out of meditation, slowly but usually enough to help him)

Background: He left his elven home of Vith'akar, far far to the west of Dessel, he left his home to explore, learn, and find someone, somone he lost, and cares for deeply, the only other he had cared for, was killed before his eyes

Alignment: Good Status: rogue chatango is XionStar
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Xion Star
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