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 Yin Zsalzar

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Character sheet
Character Name: Yin Szalzar
Job Class: Warrior
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PostSubject: Yin Zsalzar   Tue Jul 01, 2008 3:36 pm

Name: Yin Zsalzar (pronounced Sal lzar)

Age: Unknown, looks 20 ish

POB: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Part Human Part Unknown

Hair colour: Jet Black and long

Eye colour: Glowing yellow (red if possessed)

Weapon: A Monstrously powerful two handed sword which draws its power from a powerful Daemon trapped within. Yin and the sword have become one in all the time that they have been together the sword can vanish out of existence and appear in his hands at the click of Yin’s fingers. He can launch it at the speed of an arrow or use it to pole volt to great distances even though the sword is not as tall as him.
The great blade has a powerful red glow which is something to do with what lies within. If anyone apart from the owner touches the sword they are burnt so badly their skin dries up and turns black. If however they are unfortunate enough to be cut by it but not killed. A red spot will appear on their hand and that will mark the end of their days is near. After a few hours their skin will start to smoke and their body will literally catch fire from the inside out. It is an incredibly horrific death. But the sword is not all good, the Daemon inside will sometimes attempt to control Yin. Yin is constantly fighting a battle within himself to keep control. If he looses the battle, the Daemon will be released and at that point Evil it self will be reborn. The sword was given to him by his father on his death bed it had been passed down through Yin’s Family ever since the end of the Great War at the beginning of everything .that war, was against the Daemon inside the sword and was won by an ancestor of Yin somehow trapping the daemon in the sword.

Armour: None as of yet

Traits: Magically agile (can climb a tree in seconds), Extremely Quiet, Dark, not 100% good, eyesight of a hawk, Dangerous for all around him.

History: A mysterious and shady being, he only talks when needed and will never have a chat for fun. If there is nothing to do he will sit quietly and do nothing, he will be motionless. At night he will sleep at the point with a good view, always watching always waiting. He barely ever eats and only drinks water.
It is known that his mother was human, but his dad was something else it is not yet known what. It is possible that he was a human but he was partly taken over by the daemon of the sword.
Yin has been seen in various battles leaving masses of corpses in his wake and sometimes that of his own side. This is caused by the daemon of the sword attempting to take control of Yin he can not fully control his actions when this happens he goes through an incredibly painful rage which can be fatal for all around him.
He had a troubled child hood he doesn't know were he is from all he knows is that his mother died in child birth and his dad died when he was only a young child. That is when he was given the sword. He has had almost no company apart from the powerful blade and any that he has had he usually winds up killing in a control attempt form the daemon which he calls ‘moments’ he has these about once every 2 days on average some worse than others.
He only arrived in dessel recently when the news of the invasion was out and since then he has just sat in tree tops, watching always watching.
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Yin Zsalzar
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