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 Furion the Death Knight

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Furion the Death Knight

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PostSubject: Furion the Death Knight   Tue Jul 01, 2008 3:26 pm

Name: Furion Dark a.k.a. The Death Knight Age:Unknown

Race: Vampire/ShadowDemon Halfbreed

Gender: Male Relationship: Single Born: Unknown Origin: Shadows of Hell

Job: none

Personality:Cold, Cruel, he only pretends being nice...unless the person peaks an interests....in hopeful blood taste or something else

Alignment:Chaotic Neutral Status:unknown

Weapons:Two Hellforged Hellfire katanas, physical contact creates a massive burn to any but their weilder whos blood is infused with them, and one large as sword demonforged for lighter weight and harder to damage metal, the Hellfire katanas wont break or wear down.

Abilities: Can create, use and maniputlate shadows to his will, as long as he can see them, use them to hide or move from place to place, they can lift touch and affect physical things, including people.

Pets: Shadow Imp whos can contol shadows, mainly uses it for spying and stealing...mischievious, they sometimes use there shadows to bind people then taunt them.

Armor: Demon and Hellforged, it is impervious to physical damage, but will take damage from magic, his cape is impervious to magic, and will automatically coccoon Furion as its mad from demon hide, and the demon bound to it shall protect him no matter what.

Appearance: Black Hair, Red eyes with black where the white would be and pale skin


Born in the Shadows of Hell, he escaped their confines and now roams where he pleases.

chatango for him furiondeathknight
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Furion the Death Knight
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