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 Kief Stahlin

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PostSubject: Kief Stahlin   Thu Jun 26, 2008 4:26 pm

Name: Kief Stahlin (Keef Sta-lin)
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Vulpine (Corsac Fox)

Size: 95cm long, 40cm tall
Betrothed/Married to: No-one
Place of Birth: Halen
Citizenship Status: Unknown
Traits: Charming, Adventurous, Eager, Wise, Vain, Loyal.

Class: Elementalist
Weapon: Tooth and Claw, enhanced with spells when needed
Armour: None
Powers: Arcane/Elemental Magic

Combat Skills: Feral Agility, Fox's Cunning, Battle Casting, Magic Proficiency, Slyness.
Skills: Hunting, Free Running, Charm

Kief was raised in Cathilien, the capital city of Halen, Him and his family owned a tower house in the richest part of the city. And they could be known as royalty by the public, expensive clothing, furniture, pets. Plush beds and gleaming marble floors. With a balcony for each room as a tower house does. Kief was the heir to Malfarion Stahlin, the third greatest mage in Halen, he learned the arts of magic under his fathers disciplined eyes. Shown knowledge of Elemental and Arcane manipulation and learning a wide array of spells, chants, enchantments and wards on the way.

However, Keif's mother, an accomplished mage aswell. Was jealous of Malfarion, being forced to live below him and tend to his needs. She eventually became sick of him and Kief. And secretly hired a Mesmer to punish them. A vast amount of gold available to a master Mesmer she said, and soon hired one.

The Mesmer followed Malfarion's wife into the highest part of the tower house and into Kief's room. Casting a powerful and permanent hex upon him and turning him into a fox as he slept. malfarion sensed the use of the evil magic and rushed into Kief's room. Seeing the mesmer he clenches his fist and then opens it towards the mesmer, Incinerating them with just ash as remains.

From then on, Kief had to adjust to an almost new life as a fox, it became hard to cast spells, but soon got used to using his mouth as a means of a focus. He remained a noble human inside, and sometimes he was thankful for the hex, though he did wish he could be human once again.

A few years past and life was almost normal. Then Asulet invaded Halen, being a political and not militaristic realm, Halen was very quickly liberated and usurped into asulet's borders. Several soldiers stormed the Stahlin house, and captured Kief's mother and father. The soldiers tried to grab him aswell, but he made an escape by climbing down the buildings balconies and walkways and escaped Halen, running through another realm bordering Halen and into Dessel in search of sanctuary.

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Kief Stahlin
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