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 Seik Vokaris

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Seik Vokaris
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New Comer
Seik Vokaris

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Character sheet
Character Name: Seik Vokaris
Job Class: Tradesman/Swordsman
Played by: Ben

PostSubject: Seik Vokaris   Fri Jun 06, 2008 5:00 pm

Name: Seik Vokaris
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon
Betrothed/Married to: No-one
CitizenShip Status: Citizen
Class: Warrior
Weapon: Truesilver/Steel Longsword (Sheath is on the back of his belt, left handed.)

Armour: Top: Black Long sleeve jacket with a White, vest type shirt, brown leather neck guard. Legs: Brown, slightly loose trousers. Steel plates are strapped to the legs at will. He also has a brown glove that covers his left arm up to his elbow, with a steel plate inside it to protect his sword arm.
Powers: After a time, Seik discovered his heritage as a dragon, and can freely transform parts of his body into his true form. The area will become blood red scaled and draconic (e.g, hands will become claws).
Combat skills: Blade Affinity
Skills: Blacksmithing, Runecrafting.
History: Seik was born in the kingdom of Nalay, where he was raised by his parents in peace. He followed in his fathers footsteps and enlisted into the army at the age of 12 (junior academy). Becoming an apprentice swordsman and at the age of 14. He joined the regular army as a ranger at 15. Quelling any animal/monster infestation that may threaten Nalay.

One day he was sent upon a mission to deal with a small infestation of vermin within the mountain's vast mining complex. as he cleared deeper and deeper into the mine he encountered a large facility, there was a metal walkway that led to a large dragons corpse. He walked down it towards the dragon and a voice reverberated through his head.
"The long wait is over" "...At last" "You have awakened" "my dying dream" "Let us go, my little friend"

He finished his mission after this encounter, and headed to the surface to report. However when he returned, the magisters of the land frowned upon him. as he now had a dragons power within him, an ancient enemy of Nalians. And was exiled from Nalay.
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Seik Vokaris
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