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 Gaius Belmont

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PostSubject: Gaius Belmont   Tue Jun 24, 2008 4:45 am

Name: Gaius Belmont
Sex: Male
Age: 30
Origin: Dessel
Betrothed/Married to: Nobody
Citizenship Status: Citizen
Weapons, Powers, Combat Skills: Gaius generally carries a broadsword, sheathed at his left side. Though it does not appear to be anything special, it is sharper, stronger, and a bit sturdier than most of the common blades, and while the hilt isn't terribly fancy or ornate, it is the weapon of his rank. Sometimes, when in need of a longer weapon, he will use a spear (and arm his men with spears as well, with swords as sidearms). He does not possess any special powers or magic, but he is a highly trained and skilled swordsman, is a decent marksman (he is a better shot with the longbow than the arquebus) and has a vast knowledge on military strategy.
Skills: Gaius is proficient in matters of home economics, and has learned how to speak to people and carry himself with the utmost of etiquette. He is very know'd, and has spent a lot of his life learning how to play various instruments as he grew up and advanced in the military career, such as the lute. He is also a skilled horseback rider, thought as one of the finest in Dessel (as evident in the manner of riding and obedience-gaining of his horse Shadowstorm).
Links: [dessel.chatango.com]
NPC's currently Played: Barkeep Rogers, Lazarus Undine Stoneslayer
History: Gaius Belmont was born into the aristocratic Belmont family. Leading a life of privilege, he spent his days studying, learning the arts, delving into politics, riding a horse, and dueling. He always had a love for history, and found himself fascinated with sociology, politics, and the affairs of dynasties and warfare. Rather than hoping to become a minister or a noble, Gaius decided to enter the military and become a career soldier. Because of his aristocratic birth and size of Dessel's standing army, Gaius entered the military as a lieutenant. Only briefly was he trained in the basics; but even starting as an officer, Gaius insisted on training as a soldier would as well as how an officer would, and he often insisted on fighting on the front lines. He put his knowledge of warfare to good use while continuing to study and learn more by the way of strategy, and his bravery and discipline saw him grow in the ranks under the leadership of the Field Marshall Desann. When Desann was coronated, Gaius aspired to become his successor. Through strategic prowess, valor, and skill, Gaius soon took Desann's place as Field Marshall, and was awarded the prize steed Shadowstorm. Since then he continued to serve Desann and Dessel, storming into battle whenever needed and protecting his nation and all those he loves.
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Gaius Belmont
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