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 Krimson Shadowheart

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Character sheet
Character Name: Krimson
Job Class: Warrior
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PostSubject: Krimson Shadowheart   Thu Jun 19, 2008 8:19 am

Name: Krimson Shadowheart
Age: Unknown
Race: Demon
Sex: Male
Height: (Not Transformed) 5'5" (True Form) 6'5"
Hair: Long, Black Braided
Eye: Varies on channeling his energy.



Kolyn Swiftkyl - A dark magic created from Krimson's blood. Creates a lightning bolt of crimson red and dark black energy. Can fire 1 shot in his normal state, and up to 5 in his transformed state per day.

Krimson Hatred - Using the hate in others hearts and his own hatred Krimson can summon an unearthly ball of energy and compress it into a small sphere, upon releasing this blast the magnitude of the explosion would be enough to destroy the entire Kingdom of Shalimar leveling it entirely. ( Mind you Shalimar is very big. ) Limited to one shot per week, and only usable in his transformed state.

(Changes upon Transformation)
Leather coat
Leather boots
Leather fingerless gloves
Cloth headband
Leather pants

Mythril Gauntlets
Mythril Shoulder Armor
Mythril Grieves
Mythril Chest Armor
Cloth Pants.

Nadachi - able to infilict nightmares to the one casted on.



The Beginning

Born in darkness Krimson has lived nearly 11,000 years. He rebelled along with his father, brother, and grandfather against Lucifer. Nearly costing them their entire bloodline, they were scattered across the world into three different clans. Greaver lord of darkness created the southern clan Finsternis located deep in the arctic. Tyrothos lord of fire created the clan Feuer along the equator. Lastly the diplomat and strongest of the clans, Vain lord of Nightmares, created the clan Albtraum the location of his domain is unknown.

Damiens Hate

Krimson born from Greavers bloodline, lived in Finsternis with his brother. They were nearly inseparable, together they dreamed of leaving Finsternis and finally living free in the real world. They fought many battles against the small legions of demons Lucifer sent after the clans. Krimson and Damiens father carried the sword of Finsternis, a sword the Elder Vain forged long ago, it was given to Greaver as a gift, and was passed down to Grave. One season when Grave was away to the human world on a diplomatic trip the brothers were left alone to rule the Kingdom. The swords power had a mind of it's own and only strong demons could keep it's powers contained. Damien and his curiosity snuck into the vault where his father kept the sword and took hold of it. The power and it's will surged through Damien's body. Hearing the cries of his brother, Krimson raced to find Damien laying unconscious on the ground the sword in a death grip. Krimson pried the sword from Damien's hands, the sword had already taken it's host. The days after that were different. Damien no longer did anything, he stayed in his room and read books and was seen often standing on his balcony looking at the never setting moon.

The Betrayal

When their father returned was when hell befell Finsternis. Krimson awoke to hear his father's dieing roar. Krimson picked up his sword and raced through the castle halls to the bed chamber of his father. He was shocked to see his brother standing on the bed, holding the sword of Finsternis, his eyes burning with desire to kill. Krimson struck out at his brother in a fit of rage, but was defeated easily left with his sword shattered. Summoning all of his anger and hate which feeds a demon, Krimson lashed out and managed to cut off Damiens right arm which held the sword. Not thinking Krimson quickly grabbed the sword and left Finsternis traveling through the cosmic gate to the human world where he went into hiding.

First Love

Several years after Krimson ran away he found himself in the care of a beautiful drow named Liriel who was taking care of her younger sister Irulain. She was on the run from some bounty hunters. Krimson not knowing any other way to repay the womans kindness, fought and killed the bounty hunters. Krimson made his home with this woman and soon fell in love with her. Soon however Damien sent spies to look for the sword which called to him. Krimson fought countlessly with several hordes of Damien's minions. He and Liriel were on the run from Damien for 200 years, Irulain was left at the Drow city in the care of the Elders. Finally Damien came for the sword, upon fighting Krimson he killed Liriel, the closest thing to Krimson's heart. Krimson lashed out in anger, feeding off the swords power he struck down Damien, but didn't manage to kill him. Fleeing deep within the earth, Krimson went to a sacred crystal in which he encased himself and his sword. He slept for 1000 years. Each passing year Damien made Finsternis into a fear stricken clan.


Upon awakening he made his way out of the caverns and into the streets of a prospering city named Shalimar. Governed by the King Grey and Queen Angelica, and the Duke Zul-Rheksas. Krimson was quickly taken in for his powers, noticed by Rheksas himself. It wasn't long before he was the Queens personal Knight. Rheksas and Krimson formed a bond known as brothers-in-arms. A very special bond between warriors. Krimson forgot all about his past and lived in the present with Shalimar. His peaceful days were at an end however. Damien felt the presence of the sword once again and sent horde after horde of demons for it. Krimson and Rheksas fought against each horde endlessly until once again Damien came for it himself.
The young Zul fought against Damien and was stopped by Krimson. This was his fight and he wasn't going to let his brother fall to his brother-in-arms. The brothers fought against one another to the point their powers clashed so hard they blasted one another into another dimension. Krimson came out the winner and killed his brother. Now that the desire and the hatred was within the sword once more, Krimson had to face the evil by himself. Nearly loosing to it's power several times, Rheksas ordered Krimson to rid himself of it's presence, when Krimson refused, Rheksas lost respect for him.
Not long after that day Rheksas disappeared from Shalimar. Traveling to another realm called Dessel, he started a new life with new people and left Shalimar in the past. Krimson lost by this continued his life for 10 more years in Shalimar, never fully being capable to master the power of Finsternis.

Krimson left Shalimar when he became unable to control the power of the sword and longer and sought out Rheksas in Dessel. Finally finding him he ran into a few strange characters along the way. After consulting Rheksas, he traveled far away to a shrine that kept his grandfathers soul, upon going through the countless trials Krimson managed to claim the soul and use it to control the sword at last. Returning to Dessel he fell in love with a former devil, Lucy, daughter of his enemy Lucifer himself. Together they gave birth to a rather unique daughter named Roi. Roi has the power to blink into the past or the future. Due to the many responsibilities of being the new King of Finsternis and Lucifer on the war front Krimson was never around for Lucy and Roi, and soon she moved on to another. Devastated by this he swore to protect Roi no matter what and to live the rest of his days in Dessel so as long as Roi lived there.
Not long after his return a cloaked warrior came to Dessel searching for Krimson. Together they both walked for some time talking, he discovered he was talking to the Elder of Nightmares himself, Vain. He wanted the sword of Finsternis back to keep it safe from ever being used wrongly. Krimson agreed, upon doing do his was given Vain's Nightmare sword, a long Nodachi with the power to inflict painful visions upon who it cuts.

Recent Events
Krimson has broken his horns from his head and entered his life as a contract demon. He sealed himself away inside a younger form of himself to keep his powers contained. Only with the power of a human contractor can he now take his true form and fight. He can transform without the contractor, although he cannot do much, but fly. He is still powerful with his sword skills and his spells, but he cannot do much.
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Krimson Shadowheart
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