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 Atticus ser Random

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Master Random

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Character sheet
Character Name: Atticus Random
Job Class: Fencer
Played by:

PostSubject: Atticus ser Random   Mon Jun 16, 2008 12:21 am

Name: Atticus ser Random

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Origin: Pinberry, a nation across the sea and a vast desert

Married to: Abigail, back in Pinberry

Citizenship Status: Currently homeless

Weapons, Powers, Combat Skills: Always swinging by his hip is a lightweight saber with a basket hilt in the form of a blooming rose. It was given to him upon being accepted into an elite society of politicians and swordsmen known as the Bloodberries. His fighting style is a very strange one, being fancing with a twist of math. He never strikes without first calculating how he can move, how his sword can move and how his enemy can move, all in his head and within a split second before he acts. Because of his ability he is very accurate with his weapon in almost any fight situation. He is also very knowledgeable about medicine and the dressing of wounds, as well as making potions and antidotes.

Skills: Because of his aristocratic background he enjoys things very tidy, and thus has learned to clean and organize things in the manner that he is most comfortable with, almost with an obsessive-compulsive edge. Wounds and ailments always amazed Master Random, so naturally he became very learned about making medicine and treating wounds. He makes his own potions for everything from fevers and headaches to drowsiness and insomnia to aches and pains. He knows how to bandage and dress wounds to prevent infection. He is very familiar with the human anatomy in medical respects.

NPC's currently Played: N/A

History: His father was a knight in the faraway kingdom of Pinberry, and thus when he came of age he started practicing swordsmanship and fencing. He was also fast becoming proficient with math during his schooling. When he graduated and came of age he was asked to join an illustrious band of fencing aristocrats and politicians that secretly governed Pinberry from the underground. Upon joining ranks with them they shared their secret fighting style with him, and told him about how they combine physics and geometry with swordplay to quickly disarm and kill opponents. He was given his beautiful saber, made to his specifics and fashioned with a silver basket hilt in the form of a rose. He was also given a bloodred cloak that fastened with two silver brooches, also in the form of roses. He was proud to be called a Bloodberry, the best of the best.

When he was eighteen he asked his childhood friend Abigail to marry him, and they were married a year later. They were very happy, and neither of them had a care in the world. To cope with his newfound fighting ability, Atticus studied medicine and the arts of healing and mending wounds. He was working on becoming a doctor and was expecting his first child when a great war started. A queen from a foreign land, a land across the sea that he had only ever heard of from maps, threatened his homeland and was planning to use the Bloodberries as a common mafia. His best friend outright protested and was banished from the kingdom. He decided that would not want to be apart of this interloper's plans and spoke with his wife about leaving with their newborn daughter, Juniper. She did not want to leave but he knew that he would be banished and his family most likely killed if he went against the new order. He left Abigail with everything he had -- his home, his money, his books -- the only things he took with him were his saber and his cloak, and vowed that one day he would return and save them.

His journey was long and hard as he traveled over a vast desert and then overseas in search of a new home and a new opportunity for happiness. Everyday his heart aches for his wife and daughter, torn up inside that he cannot know how or what they're doing. Three years has passed since he left his home, and yet he visits it in his mind every day. Now, once a great doctor and fencer, he is only a begger living day by day by completing oddjobs such as cleaning, hunting and fishing.

Now his silver saber is tarnished and his once bright crimson cloak is maroon and in rags. His long black hair is now limp, his clothes are dusty and his boots are scuffed. But his heart is still whole, and that is the most important thing.
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Atticus ser Random
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