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Aeonna D'aubigne
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Good Fellow
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PostSubject: Sariyama   Sun Jun 15, 2008 1:31 am

Sariyama of the Nephelim.

Age: 263

Gender: Female

Race: Nephelim

Location: The forests of Dessel

Appearance: Sariyama has milky pale skin, watery pale grey eyes, and very light blond, almost white hair. She is slightly slimmer than rubenesque and very shapely. She is of middling height and is usually garbed in white Grecian robes, when she is garbed at all.

Lifestyle: She lives in the forest of Dessel, and her abilities are very Nymph like. She is often elusive to people seeking her, though occasionally she delights in charming and drowning lost woodsmen. She eats fish, deer and other game, caught only by herself.

Story: Sari Is the daughter of a fallen angel and a human mother, and is soulless. Her mother passed away when she was but a teenager, and does not speak common. Her language is archaic, but her songs are haunting.
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