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Character sheet
Character Name: Yalon Calth Lively
Job Class: Aristocrat
Played by: Austin

PostSubject: Yalon   Thu Jun 12, 2008 10:41 pm

Name: Yalon Calth Lively

Species: Human/Angel

Age: ?

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 174 lb

Alighnment: Lawful Good

Class: Paladin

Description: Yalon is a very youthful man. His chest build is more on the narrow side but it still has tone. He has enchanting crystalic blue eyes that seem to glow in even the darkest places. His wavey white hair covers over his left eye and extends to about the midpoint of his neck. His skin is pale and seems to completely ignore the effects sunlight would ususaly have on normal skin. Has a very diverse set of attire, some have yet to be warn once, others are worn on a regular basis.

Bio: Yalon was rasied in the land of Terico, a large island divided by a grand river. On the left side was an arid desert in which he lived on the right a lush jungle unexplored and uncharted by man. He lived there with his father, the king of this desert kingdom in which they had named Alco, his step mother, and his younger brother Draco. His father had built his kingdown upon a peninsula in this desert so that he could hide his vast wealth from the rest of the world and to escape the horrible creatures that plagued them in the more northern lands. In order to stay self sufficent they farmed at the oasis created by the river.

At the age of twelve he was forced to leave his kingdom do to a chain of events that were caused by his possesed brother Draco. With only his friend Amber at his side he wandered around aimlessly for quite some time.

He finds himself today living in Dessel with the only family he has, his daughter Kazine and his pet liger Saber. His goal at the moment is only to find a new purpose for himself.
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