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 Aeta Cossna

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Aeta Cossna
Alter Ego
Alter Ego
Aeta Cossna

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Character sheet
Character Name: Aeta
Job Class: Counsilierie
Played by: Athena

PostSubject: Aeta Cossna   Thu Jun 12, 2008 9:38 pm

Name: Aeta Cossna
Age: 27
Class: Mage

Appearance: Aeta's appearance is a mockery of Aeonna's. Except for her steel blue eyes, they have the same coloring and bone structure, though Aeta is taller by a full hand, and has larger hips and breasts. Aeta can easily be described as a better version of Aeonna, much to the later woman's chagrin.

Bio: Aeta was born in the high mountain pass settlement of Ridgerow. Struck ill by a wasting disease when she was just eleven, and because of the scarcity of food in the secluded and frigid land, her family had taken to considering killing her, or simply letting her starve, rather than waste food on a a person doomed to see death soon anyway. It was pure happenstance that a powerful and elderly Wizard was in Ridgerow at this time, and took notice of the girl and her great latent skills for casting magic and hurling insults.

He took her away from Ridgerow for a full decade, and taught her the ways of his arts, and how to stave off the illness that continued to eat her flash and sour her personality. She returned to Ridgerow later, some say to mourn her father's death, other's to celebrate it, and it was then that she ran into three mercenaries: Thays, Ydena and the renegade lady Aeonna.

She has taken temporary residence in Dessel, at the request of Aeonna.

Note: Aeta is a bitch, I am not. There's a difference!
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Aeta Cossna
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