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 Dirk Bessulat

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PostSubject: Dirk Bessulat   Tue Jun 10, 2008 10:53 pm

Name: Dirk Bessulat.
Sex: Male.
Age: 25
Origin: The desert kingdom of Asulet.
Betrothed/Married to: None.
Citizenship Status: Has not yet arrived in Dessel.
Weapons, Powers, Combat Skills: Dirk is as unique among dragoons as his predecessor Erdrick Etholos was; he wields a rapier and a small handgun built of ancient and strange technology; when need be, he combines the two into one superweapon, the gunblade (what can I say, I loved Final Fantasy VIII).
Skills: Dirk is a competent commander and a great warrior. Other skills pending.
Appearance: Dirk is always in his commander's suit, proudly showing off his position. He has slicked back silver hair, and dark brown eyes. He has a clean, young look to him, and is generally very attractive. His suit consists of blue pants and a blue officer's shirt that has emblazoned logo on it's front in pure silver.
History: Dirk was, as all dragoons are, chosen from birth to be a dragoon; he fared well, and Chancellor Zeltennia and the King both took a liking to him, seeing him as a possible follow-up to Erdrick when his days were through. As he continued to train, though, he started showing a brash and idealistic side to himself, constantly reveling in stories of wars gone by and the heroic acts that took place within them. The King saw his childish delusions of war and insisted that someone else be promoted to Erdrick's second-in-command, and that person ended up being Ezeri. Disappointed but not giving up, Dirk continued to train, and when the King passed away and Erdrick renounced his position, Zeltennia, still very fond of Dirk despite the King's opinions, decided to promote him as commander of the Black Spear Dragoons. Right now, Dirk Bessulat is the sole commanding voice of the Black Spear Dragoon Squad; Ezeri parted and gave up his position shortly after Dirk's promotion.
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Dirk Bessulat
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