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PostSubject: Zeltennia   Tue Jun 10, 2008 10:33 pm

Name: Lord High Chancellor Zeltennia
Sex: Male
Age: 64
Origin: The desert Kingdom of Asulet.
Betrothed/Married to: His wife, Myria, and his two sons and one daughter.
Citizenship Status: Lord High Chancellor and acting ruler of Asulet.
Weapons, Powers, Combat Skills: What he lacks in actual combat skills he more than makes up for with his political manipulation.
Skills: A political mastermind, Zeltennia's rise in Asulet was swift. In no time at all, Zeltennia had become second only to the King himself; when the King passed, the only logical move was to have Zeltennia lead until the next in line was ready to rule.
Appearance: An old man, he wears beautiful black-and-red robes as his position merits. He has old, weathered brown eyes, long gray hair, and a long grey goatee.
History: Not much is known about Zeltennia before he became a political figure; even his rise to the top has been known to have some sketchy history to it (hey, I'm only one man, I haven't thought these characters out fully yet).
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