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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Rej-Del   Tue Jun 10, 2008 10:26 pm

Name: Rej-Del
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Betrothed/Married to: None
Citizenship Status: Visitor to Dessel
Weapons, Powers, Combat Skills: Rej-Del is a master of all small, bladed weapons, and keeps them all over his person. He has a great deal of magickal talents, as well; he has, so far, been seen conjuring fire, but the limits to his power have not yet been seen.
Skills: Rej-Del, as an experienced assassin, is great with any and all things concerning death; he can forge a weapon out of almost any nearby blunt object, and although skilled in magick, his real abilities are unknown as he prefers to kill in a more personable fashion.
Apperance: Rej-Del is a dishoveled figure, wearing a tattered old suit that seems to suggest he never wears anything else. He has dark, unkempt brown hair, and a nervous, out-of-his-mind appearance to him. He's constantly seen fiddling with daggers or the like, and he wears white satin gloves on each hand, with the fingers being cut off by time or who knows what else, displaying his scratched up, dirty fingernails.
History: Not much is known about Rej-Del (in fact, even the author of this doesn't know too much about him (yet!))
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