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 Erdrick Etholos

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PostSubject: Erdrick Etholos   Tue Jun 10, 2008 10:20 pm

Name: Erdrick Etholos (last name pending - I don't know, I need something that fits and it's tough)
Sex: Male.
Age: 42
Origin: The desert kingdom of Asulet.
Betrothed/Married to: A deceased wife and son.
Citizenship Status: A passerby of Dessel.
Weapons, Powers, Combat Skills: Master of the huge broadsword, of all jumping techniques, and a master of strategic combat. He's risked his life for Asulet more times than can be counted, and, unlike most Dragoons, does not use a spear of any kind, nor does he have a pet smaller dragon by his side. He most certaintly has other talents not yet revealed.
Appearance: An aged warrior that looks younger than his 42 years, Erdrick has a young face that makes him look more like he's in his early thirties, with short, blonde hair and cool grey eyes. He usually wears a set of red robes, although when called upon to fight he usually wears the traditional Dragoon commander armor.
History: Erdrick Etholos is the ultimate soldier of Asulet. Raised from birth to be a Dragoon, he was chosen from early on to be a future leader of the squad. Unlike most Dragoons, he was trained to use a sword; the army thought it would be a good way to throw off it's enemies as to whom was important in their most vaunted unit, the Black Spear Dragoon Squad. Having mastered several types of combat training throughout his life, Erdrick is also a great leader and inspires a lot of confidence and pride in his soldiers. When the King of Asulet died, Chancellor Zeltennia took over and Erdrick resigned as Captain of the Dragoons, knowing full and well the ambitions of conquest Zeltennia had for the once-peaceful nation. He was promised by Zeltennia that no assassination would take place just because he disagreed with new policy and had valuable information. Erdrick fled and ended up in Dessel. If you'd like to read more, please check my forum post about the potential Invasion storyline.
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Erdrick Etholos
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