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 Slice Ranix

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Character sheet
Character Name: Slice Ranix
Job Class: Magic Swordsman
Played by: Ron

PostSubject: Slice Ranix   Thu Jun 05, 2008 9:44 pm

Name: Slice Ranix
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Origin: Narheim, northwest of Dessel
Betrothed/Married to: Nobody
Citizenship Status: Visitor, taking up residence within The Manse.
Weapons, Powers, Combat Skills: Slice uses a strange blade called the Illumina, which amplifies his magical abilities somewhat when he holds it, but it also draws from his magic when he uses it, creating shockwave-like force when impacting with another object with force. While not inept in swordplay, he is no master at it, either. His talent comes from his magic; Slice is a very accomplished caster, proficient in both combat magic, protective magic, and healing (though the last two are more of his specialty). He has the ability to regenerate wounds and soothe pains, and his knowledge on the healing arts gives him a limited ability to flush poisons from the body (though this power tends to be ineffective against advanced or particularly strong toxins). Because of his manipulated genes and "malleable" mana, he can often find different ways to cast his spells or display his magic. But by and large, he is most known for his ability to heal and to keep attackers at bay with his green magical barriers and walls.However, the price of his powers comes in the fact that his body's always breaking down, and he must inject himself with a toxic chemical in order to survive the attacks he suffers.
Skills: Slice can do most necessities -- including cooking, cleaning, etc -- with enough proficiency to get by. Other than that, his general honesty and good intentions make him easily liked, and allow him to be able to talk to people rather well. His ability to bluff generally only goes as far as to allow him to be able to do good acts that may otherwise get him in trouble with others.
Links: [themanse.chatango.com]
NPC's currently Played: Barkeep Rogers, Lazarus Undine Stoneslayer
History: Slice was born in a small village, and was brought to the town of Narheim at a very young age. His family was unremarkable, and he was little more than a common peasant himself. Narheim was known as a rich or noble town, but Slice was part of a demographic of poorer or lower class of citizen. While most of their people were rich or prestigious, Narheim had very little nobles or members of the aristocracy. As a result, Slice got along well growing up. He was close to his mother and father, and he was an ambitious and good-hearted young man. His parents both died while he was relatively young, and Slice was left to the kindness of others and the work he could find that he could do. He got along well enough, but one day he met a man that would change his life. That man was Barbanes Gariland, arguably the most knowledge, skilled, and ambitious magician and mind in the nation. Barbanes was a man of both magic and science, and he spoke to Slice about his desire to help the human race and empower them. He mentioned to Slice that he was on a breakthrough towards being able to improve humans, but he needed an enthusiastic assistant. Slice fit that bill, but what Barbanes didn't tell him was that the "assistant" he needed was someone to be his guinea pig. Barbanes had run across an ancient and extinct race -- a race of powerful magical creatures, of humans transformed when they were caught in the crossfire of a war between gods -- and that Barbanes had reached an unprecedented power with his magic that allowed him to change people, that he could revive this race by turning humans into this race. For several years, Slice remained the prisoner of Barbanes Gariland and was subject to his desires to create the "super human", and something entirely different from humanity -- with the goal of perfecting it on Slice so that he could do the process to himself. However, after several years of captivity, Barbanes had suddenly died while performing one of his "experiments" on Slice, and with the newfound powers given to him by Barbanes, he escaped the clutches of his deceased "benefactor"and devoted his drastically-shortened life to use his powers to help, heal, and protect as many people as he could.

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Slice Ranix
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