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 Behind the Demoness

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Age : 33
Location : Pennsylvania
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PostSubject: Behind the Demoness   Sat Oct 25, 2008 6:00 pm

My Aliases and alter egos:

Melania - Demon (IMVU & Dessel)

Sierra - Sun Elf (IMVU)

Niala - Naga (IMVU)

Taegen - Lampades/Underworld Nymph (IMVU)

Lilyanna Lessien Saralonde - Light Elf/High Elf (IMVU)

Sayomi - bakeneko (IMVU)

You can find me on: MSN Messenger (jesssica_rabbbit@hotmail.com,) IMVU (MelaniaStorm,) chatango (MelaniaStorm,) Yahoo! (Sillyyoung1) and AIM (SweetRed625.)

My favorite books: P.S I Love You, Nothing's Sacred, etc.

My favorite Movies: Audition, American History X, The Notebook, Glory, Disney movies ^_^, etc.

My favorite shows: I don't watch much TV, but when I do...The Sanctuary, old sitcoms, One Tree Hill....yeah that's about it.

My favorite Pastimes: Drawing, roleplaying, listening to music and finding new bands, reading and dancing.
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Behind the Demoness
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