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PostSubject: Phyrus   Fri Oct 24, 2008 11:00 pm

Name: Phyrus
Age: past Ten Thousand
Gender: Male
Race: Shade/Ancient demon of the planes
Weapons: Shadows
Married/Significant other: No
Citizen/Visitor: Visitor, ambassador to the Crusnathium Kingdom.

Appearance: Usually dressed in a robe of shadows that covers his bottome half and swivels around him. He also has completely black eyes and dark red hair that's cut short but is a little messy. He has many tattoos over his torso, and two triangular marks under each eye that seem to hold some kind of significance to him.

History: Phyrus's history is long, but we will only go over the important stuff. To star off with Phyrus was born in a realm known as Alastra, which is the realm of an ancient god known as Malek. Malek is the one who created Phyrus's race, the demons of the planes and has ultimate power over the realms seeing as how Phyrus's race can control the powers within each realm and can travel through them easily. Phyrus was brought up to be the judge of each realm, and if the realm did not suit Malek's need he would send him and the other planar demons to destroy that realm. Eventually Malek had in it in his mind that he wanted each planar demon to have a specific energy of sorts from each plane, one in which they connected to and could draw power from more easily than the others. Phyrus's plan of choice happened to be that of the realm of shadow, and thus this is how he eventually became a shade. Once the other demons completed this little experiment of Malek's they all met on their home plane, but the conflicting energies within each demon could not exist all on the same plane and although they tried to control it, the energies overfell most of the demons and imploded the plane unto itself thus anhialating Phyrus's home realm. Only a few of the demons managed to escape, Phyrus being one of them though he escaped a little differently than the others.

Because of his ties to the shadow plane his soul instead of going straight to the spirit realm got trapped within the shadow plane on the way there. It seemed the shadows didn't want Phyrus to die, so they kept his soul giving him a new body and made him into a shade. Since then Phyrus has been on the run from Malek, and had gone through "lifetime after lifetime" till eventually one day faced him, and defeated him. Phyrus realized though that, he was probably all alone. Malek hadn't wanted any of the survivors from his failed experiment to live and Phyrus was quite sure that he was the last of his kind. He kept living though, and it wasn't till he was killed last time that the next time he awoke, he had lost all of his memory. Waking up with an incredible amount of amnesia Phyrus found a travelling knight of Crusanthium, who decided to take him in and teach him how to be a squire. However, Phyrus wasn't very good at physical combat, and it seemed that he was better at being a mage. So when the seer and personal advisor to the queen saw him he decided to teach him what it is that Phyrus was meant for, turning him into a powerful noctumancer, and eventually giving him his life and history back. Although Phyrus knew what he was now he was quite happy with being part of the kingdom, even if he hated Crusin the ruler, the queen and him had become very close friends. The rest is rather meant to be kept hidden, but it is easy to see how it is that he became an ambassador to the kingdom.

Powers: Phyrus is a noctumancer, meaning he is capable of both incredibly powerful shadow magic and is a highly skilled wizard at the same time, mixing the two for devestating effects. He also holds the powers of his kind, giving him a natural ability over shadow and the ability to draw power from the planes themselves, making him very versatile. Physically even with being a demon he's not a very tough fighter, and while he can dance around blows fighting with a sword isn't his best attribute.
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