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 Melania Storm

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PostSubject: Melania Storm   Fri Oct 24, 2008 4:34 am

Name: Melania Storm

Age: 427 (June 25)

Race: Demon (Capabilities to shape-shift into a human form, drawing features from those of the same sex around her.)

Gender: Female

Class: Princess of Kingdom Crusanthium

Alignment: Neutral

Weapon: Katana

Usually dressed in the finest of clothes though she does have glowing, red, fire-enchanted armor should the time come that she needs it.

Combat Skills: Fire mage with beginning to intermediate skills with the katana.

Appearance: An ebony-skinned demon, her skin decorated with white markings, with four black, curved horns extending from either side of her head. Crimson eyes maintain a dull glow until angry, at which time they turn bright red. She has long, raven-colored hair that cascades down just past her lower back and long, black nails coming from her finger tips. She is well-proportioned and could easily be considered gorgeous by any that weren't afraid of what she was. Often times, swishing gracefully behind her, was her sleek, black tail and silver, spiked wings encrusted with rubies.

History: Her true parents are not known by name. She was adopted soon after her parent's death, at the age of 12, to the King and Queen of Crusanthium. Immediately she was welcomed with open arms by most and her lessons began soon after her arrival. This teaching took many years of practice and with it, she learned patience.

Although the kingdom has treated her well, she longed for independence, which the King and Queen failed to notice as they began finding suitors to arrange a husband for her. Fed up with being told what to do and being under the watchful eyes of the Kingdom, Melania sneaked out one night, following behind the Ambassador, Phyrus. Staying behind enough so that he wouldn't see her, she felt as if she was exploring alone but, at the same time, safe knowing that he was close enough that she could run to him in time of need.
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Melania Storm
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