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Seik Vokaris
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Seik Vokaris

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PostSubject: Nexarth   Wed Oct 22, 2008 2:43 pm

Name: 'Nexarth Clade'
Age: 38
Gender: male
Race: Corrupted Human

Betrothed/married to: nobody
Place of birth: Asulet
Citizenship status: 'Visitor'
Traits: Cold, Intelligent, Remorseless, Impatient.
Alignment: Neutral evil.

Height: 6'4
Build: Strong and tall.
Appearance: Though he never takes any armour off when in Dessel, Nexarth has long, natural black hair and pale, veined skin. His eyes are a cold grey.

Class: Knight/Dark Magic (Shadow magic, plague magic and necromancy.)
Weapon: Scourgefell, A dark steel two handed sword, etched with glowing green runes and outline around the forté. The blade is spiked, with crescent shaped notches in. With a sharp pointed tip.
Armour: a full set of spiked armour, ancient rune etchings can be seen around the edges of plates. Let your imagination roll.
Powers: Scourge Knights are infamous for not only their brutality in battle, but their use of wicked magics. Shadow magic allows the manipulation of shadows, such as creating thick fogs and shadow-stepping. Plague magic is the control of disease and illness. Creating swarms of insects and causing skin to blister and rot. And necromancy, the summoning and controlling of the unholy and undead.

Combat Skills: Blade Mastery, Remorseless, Combat Magic.
Skills: None.

History: Nexarth Was born and raised in Asulet by his parents, he was originally named Richard Keen. And his father tought him to be a skilled warrior, filling his mind with thoughts of the army. However, Richard wanted more. He went out alone into the streets one day to find the lowest of the low trying to make lives out of crime and theft. Realising to himself that power is not something to usurp, but to grasp as you go up the ladder. And secretly trained as a black mage in the slums, along with a few other classmates.

One day, Richard received a letter from Lord Dargoth, ruler of the Dread fortress. Tasking him to slay all of his class members and then be adopted into the Dread fortress to train as a Scourge Knight. Richard did this, murdering his classmates without remorse and left home for the Dread Fortress, his parents thought he was old enough to finally move out, how wrong they were.

After years of training, Dargoth took his sword and titled Richard as 'Scourge Champion of Dread'. Giving him the new name of Nexarth Clade (based on the latin words Nex and Clades, 'Death's Calamity'), and thus his freedom. Now, Nexarth sets his eyes upon Dessel, to raise an army under his own name, and conquer the lands, not for Asulet, not for Dargoth. But for himself...
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