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PostSubject: Rix   Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:10 pm

Name: Rix(refuses to say more than that)
Age: 300(that's what he says >>)
Gender: Male
Race: Raxion
Weapons: none that are visible.
Married/Significant other: No
Citizen/Visitor: Yes/Yes
Appearance: (need to find or have someone make a picture. but I'll give a description)
Rix stands at about 4'2" tall, has stark white hair with completely white eyes. His Physical body is lean but it seems to shimmer, or phase, since his spirit is always partially within the astral plane. He wears rather tight fitting black clothing, with lots of belts for holding weapons and things that he claims to have "found", and always seems to wear a mask or cloth over his mouth usually. Why he covers his mouth is somewhat of a mystery, and he seems to walk with excellent grace despite the possibly somewhat restraining outfit. He's rather handsome, even for his size and seems to be have a little bit of alienistic beauty that, with all the coverings on him, some seem to think he tries to cover that up. He also happens to wear a rather ragged cape of sorts.......that for some strange reason he just won't seem to let go.
History: Rix was on a pirate vessel that had attacked Dessel a while ago....he fled it, seeing them beggining to lose the battle, and has been in Dessel since. Why heh asn't shown up now is something that he won't reveal, but he says he was sleeping the entire time. Before the pirates his history is of unimportance(or so he says.)
Powers: A cunning guile and some spirit tricks.....nothing he says is too special.(OOCwise, so noone says I pull anything unfairly, he's a necro/shadow dancer. He can detect spirits, raise dead(both necromancer and as in bringing people back to life, though through ressurection only(meaning different body), all the nice necromancer abilities and summon three shadows for aid as well as shadow jump, and literally hide within shadow, and shadow dance(fighting style, sort of.).)
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