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 Remus Detei

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Seik Vokaris
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PostSubject: Remus Detei   Wed Oct 15, 2008 3:51 pm

Name: Remus Detei
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Betrothed/Married to: No-one
Place of Birth: Valaria
Citizenship Status: Citizen
Traits: Courageous, Friendly, Quick-witted.

Class: Monster Hunter
Weapon: Heartshot, A very large bow that uses spear-sized arrows to pierce through the toughest of armours.
The arrows can be used as a close combat weapon.

Armor/Appearance: A combination of Steel plate and mithril chainmail, along with a fire-proof dragon-hide underneath for added protection. There is no bare skin showing except the head area.
Head: Brown hair that curls/spikes out round the sides and back, but flat on the top, along with grey eyes and slightly tanned skin. A chainmail/red dragon-hide neck-protector that can be pulled up over the mouth and nose.
Shoulders: 6 steel plates at about 20cm long and 10cm wide interlaced at half way points in the armour, there is also an extra steel plate that stretches across the collarbone-area and points up, wrapping around the neck (though not tightly). At the bottom of the shoulder-piece are 3 spikes.
Chest: A solid steel carapace with mithril mail and dragon-hide underneath. The middle of the piece is buffed out with a slight edge. The arms are again, mithril and dragon-hide with steel elbow-pads and wrist guards.
Gloves: Steel plates on the back of the hand and knuckles with leather on the underside. The left glove has a small shield attached that protects the draw arm.
Waist: Simple belt with a large red quiver tied to the back.
Legs: Same design as chest-piece.
Feet: Steel plate boots with a spiked end on the foot.
Powers: none

Combat Skills: Marksmanship mastery, Endurance, Reflexes.
Skills: Hunting, Armour-repair.

History: A former assassin, Remus put down his art when he arrived in Dessel previously and began with simple hunting, eventually rising to become a monster hunter. He was called out to a land in the far east called Baldor and was not heard from for a couple of years. After hearing word of an uprising of monsters in Dessel, Remus returns to hunt these new menaces down. Re-settling into his home outside the town near the forest's.
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Remus Detei
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