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 A Lich's bargain

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Aeonna D'aubigne
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Aeonna D'aubigne

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PostSubject: A Lich's bargain   Wed Aug 13, 2008 2:56 am

*Aeonna prowled the woods outside of Dessel as she often did these days. The diminutive woman had been a beauty in life, and signs of it still showed. Her dress was black lace with wide skirts, her long shining black hair updon and caped with a small hat, a hat that draped a small black veil over the top part of her face, hiding her dead green eyes. She swung her head to and fro as though searching for somthing, and her aura of fear was supressed. Still her face, what could be seen of it showed small signs of decay. A slightly green palor here, a patch of flaking skin there. The sides of her mouth curled up into the beginings of a cruel smile.*

Finding himself lost in the woods, Altieri slipped in between the trees that lined the maze of a forest. Dressed in a long dark, red robe that ended at his ankles showing the worn leather boots from many day of travel and a large cloth backpack cartoonisnly bulging with trinkets,herbs and the occasional weapon. While the hood on his coat was draped over his face a lengthy purple tied around his pale face though a pair of long crimson bangs hung over his dull gray eyes. Seeing the woman he took this as a sign of humanity waving his hand in the air and eyelling "Oi!? Which way to the nearest town I wish to sell my wares."

*Aeonna's smile blossomed at his words, and stepped closer to the lost peddler. She proved to be a rather undaunting five foot two, her hands held out before her as though feeling something in the air around him. * Why I know the nearest town rather well, sir. *She stepped within arm's reach of him.* In fact if yu would just follow me.....*Her breath gave off the rank smell of death.* Are yu from very far?

Raising an unseen brow he merely took a step back, "yes I from a land far away though I heard there was quite the buisness for any merchant, though I seem to have lost my way." Laughing nervously he rubbed the back of his head the arm of the long robe dipping down to reveal a tattoo the length of his arm. It was several holy symbols leading down the length of his arm. The black ink still as fresh as the day it was etched permantely in his skin. "If you would be so kind to lead me there but I have to wonder why would a lady as kind as yourself be alone in the woods?"

*She snapped out one hand to take his arm in hers, forgetting her mission for this new curiosity. She sought to twist his arm up to her face, bringing the symbols close for inspection. She very nearly hissed.* What's this? Yu are no mere peddler methinks. And but where yu from Dessel yu would know of me. I am the Duchess D'Aubigne, sent to capture the mad man that prowls these woods by the very King himself.

Letting out a yelp of surprise he tried to draw his arm back from the woman. "I am a normal merchant, I set out on a pilgrimage from the mountains we are quite distant from the outside world." Finding a nervous sweat forming on his brow a wrinkle in his forehead showed the rising frustration at the false accusation. "It is quite nice to meat you Duchess and I realize that you suspicion can be justified but please reliquish my arm from your grasp it is numb." Tugging on the appendage in her grasp once again to make his point known.

*She let his arm go with only a slight digging inof her fingernails. She laughed as though he had made a joke, for his words were not as true as they could have been, not by far. * I am no stranger to the arcane. And such enchantments are not easy. No, I'd wager yu mean something to someone somewhere....but perhaps yu do no longer? Does anyone know of yr journey? Tell me quick before I lose my patience. Are yu a monk of some sort? A spellsword on hard times?

Holding his arm limply to the side he rubbed it slightly with the other hand. "Like I have said before I am nothing more or nothing less a merchant with an aspirations of starting a buisness." His voice was calm and unwavering though behind it was a touch of sadness her words had plucked on one of strings to his heart. "these tattoos were not my decision though nothing not even removing the skin from my very arm would remove them believe me I have tried." Winking the sides of his mouth crinkled in a smile.

*She smiled widely at him.* A cruel expirement no doubt. Well yu are not the first such lost and wayward to find Dessel, nor will yu be the last. *She muttered something arcane, and cold icey tendrils of energy flew to his markings, probing and aggitating them. She watched his reaction with curiousity, her hands hovering in motions that mimicked her spell*

The hand began to rot the flesh falling off it like water revealing nothing but the clear white bone and the stains of blood smeared on it. Though at the same time it began to regenerate the remaining flesh on his arm beginning to layer back over it and then the skin. Staring down at his arm he yelled out a scream of pain though it wasn't real the sight of it though was enough to chill him to the very core. "Please stop this I beg of you please enough you don't know what you're doing!"

How very interesting *She commented, mostly to herself.* Yes I will show yu the way to Dessel, and offer yu lodgings at my fair estate. Yu will stay with me and describe, to my satisfaction, what manner of enchantment is this. My hospitallty is renowned, and I promise not to slay yu. Refuse my simple, humble rrequest and I'll have yu arrested and hung. Refuse arrest and I will kill yu where yu stand. *She said it all very simply, a slight and polite smile splaye don her lips*

Letting out a sigh he clenched and uncleched his hand the skin felt soft and new as it had just been remade several times. Sighing his pale face went almost paler at her suggestion "I thank you for your kind offer and I shall take it up as I see no other option." Rubbing his arm once more he waited for the woman to lead the way back to this town he was unsure of its worth of visiting. "But please will you let me go free once you have had your knowledge?"

What do yu take me for? Some kind of common murderer. Really sir, manners. And what shall I call yu? Mind yu mustn't cross my mage, and yu must step quick to avoid my lover, lest he take a fancy to stringing yu up and seeing what yr insides are made of. But that witch Aeta has become a common philanthropist in her new state, I don't see why there ought to be any problems. Yes, I promise to let yu go, and as yu will see, I am a lady of my word. Yu may call me Aeonna, though such familiarities hardly befit a 'merchant and nothing more'. Still, I want nothing to get in the way of us becoming close friends *She said, stringing her arm through his, the strength of her fear aura nearly overcoming her magical supressor this very close to her body. She pressed forward towards Desell* Yu are to tell me all yr secrets. Nary a one shall escape....*She paused.* But of course yu can tell no one of our bargain, or I will be forced to kill yu from the sheer annoyance of it all

Blinking he let his feet willingly follow her steps though his mind was thoroughly against it. "My only sercret are these tattoos and nothing more." The glint of secrecy in his eyes told more than what he was truly saying,"It seems like there are quite the peril from your so called hospitality but I do not mind I will make my own home as soon as I am free from you." Smiling at her words he continued onward seemingly unphased "and don't worry I shalt not tell a soul of our encounter I rather like my living status at the moment though I suppose that is subject to change isn't it?" he held a hand over his mouth and chuckled.

*She sighed, though she had long since ceased to breathe* 'Tis true the D'Aubigne name is not what it used to be, but that's very little of my own doing, as I see it. There is another fellow who shall be staying with us, one yu'll like I'm sure. And countless other hangers on. Isn't it the way of wealth? Though I suppose that's something a 'merchant and nothing more' would not know. And yu have not yet provided a name.....Slice his name is, the fellow yu will like. Simply go to him for anything yu might need. Yu'll find yu have quite a deal in common. Now, that name sir, or we'll have problems before we require them

Rolling his eyes "I do not sell out of greed or in the gain of power you will see what I sale soon enough." Tapping his chin with a slim forefinger "my name is Altieri and though I find it flattering that you gave me a title as such but you can call me a merchant." Looking over at the woman he raised an eyebrow and mimicked her sigh "though your sudden change in adittudes towards draws my curiosity I can't help but ask why do you want to know so much about this arm couldn't you just look it up in your book."
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A Lich's bargain
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