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 The D'Aubgine Manse

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PostSubject: The D'Aubgine Manse   Fri Jun 06, 2008 5:27 pm

Yu take the road out of Dessel to the west, and then turn right down a small side road. The road winds and passes a low wall, and weeds overgrow everything. Yu come across a large crater in the ground itself, wide and deep. The land around it, once manicured lawns and well kept gardens, is largely over grown, and it is clear that whatever happened here, happened some time ago.

The driveway takes yu in a curving circuit, to where the mansion's front door once stood. But instead of steps and a house, there is only a ringed portal that hangs in mid air, it's milky white surface rippling softly from time to time, without ever giving glimpse to what lay through it.

Yu touch the portal, running yr hand along it, but the golden hoop just stands there. A slight chill passes along yr flesh as yu step through.

The sky is suddenly awash with hues of purple and indigo blue and lit with dark brassieres hung by unknown means. It gives the illusion of a lovely night sky, the sort one only sees in dreams. The landscapes rolls and curves away from yu gently, as man made hills are complimented by exotic trees and small ponds filled with Koi and bordered by pussy willows and cat's tails.

The horizon is dotted by tall abstract spires of gleaming metal, and stone pillars that support nothing. At yr feet soft white sand causes yu to sink with every step, and leads a trail between beds of colorful and strange flowers. It winds and twists, but always comes back to the manse's most noticeable feature: the manor.

Tall and bright white, it's enormous size seems perfectly natural here. the fact that it's it only two stories high do nothing to take away from it's massive size, and in it's center, two tall arched green and double doors await yr entrance....


The First Floor:


The Second Floor:

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The D'Aubgine Manse
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