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Character sheet
Character Name: Maiko
Job Class: Ninja
Played by: Sasha

PostSubject: Maiko/Sasha   Fri Jun 06, 2008 5:23 pm

Sasha was born in Japan, to a clan of ninja. She began her training at birth, and quickly learned the family trade. She graduated at 13, when most wouldn't graduate for another few years. She had mastered every jutsu they had out in front of her, even her families special Ice Breath Jutsu, which she uses sparingly. On her first mission, she made a mortal enemy, but did not see him again till her third mission, a routine information gathering, where he captured her, and raped her for one month, after which he tore her ovaries out. Before that had happened, she discovered that she rather enjoyed being forced, and killed him after what he had done to her for awakening such feelings. Ten years later, after beng shunned in her village, she left japan, and began to wander, selling her skills.

She is unmarried, and will remain so until further notice. She is connected to Kane, Aeonna, Haraiko, Shosko, Yalon, and Lord Draco.

Equipment: Sasha/maiko is never without a blade of some kind, save when she is utterly nude. On her person at all time are no less than 8 blades. 4 daggers, and 4 senbon needles, which she uses to strike vital spots along the body with deadly accuracy. Als on her person are several chi magic based items, such as paper bombs, and summoning scrolls.

Techniques: Sasha/Maiko in a shinobi of the highest caliber. She is a master of the deepest secrets of the shinobi. She is very adept at subterfuge, and disguise, as well as the more martial aspects of her trade. At her request, she has been trained in both the arts of the kunoichi, which lie in seduction, and using her feminine wiles to get close to her targets. Even so far as to get into there bed, and in the more direct assassination arts of her male counterparts.

Abilities: Earth style Jutsu, wind style Jutsu, water style jutsu, summoning jutsu's, although she hasn't used any of them yet. She has also mastered her families Ice Breath Jutsu, which she uses sparingly, because of the immense drain on her chi it causes. And finally, as a last resort, she has a power up phase, which increases her strength, speed, and endurance to superhuman levels utilizing an immense amount of her chi. So much of her chi is used in fact, that an aura surrounds her for the 5 minutes that she can sustain this last ditch effort, before it drains her completely, and causes her to be useless for one enitre week. She is also highly skilled in tranformation jutsu's, and Genjutsu, the art of illusion.
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